End of year CDAS Update from the Students at Sheffield

And saving the best until last, hello from Sheffield. We’re the fourth and final group to make our introductions; Gioia, who’s working with Linney, Mike who’s partnered with Costain and Rhiannon who’s using data provided by South Yorkshire Police to examine crime harm and hotspots.

The final module hosted in sunny Sheffield brought us all back together for the week. Working in RStudio the Social Analytics and Visualisation course utilised a wide range of expertise from a number of disciplines starting with data visulisation delivered by Dr Mark Taylor from the SMI in his inimitable style. We were then introduced to machine learning by Dr Petar Milin from the Department of Journalism and by midweek we were text mining as Prof Paul Clough from Sheffield’s iSchool introduced us through sentiment analysis using Trump’s speeches. We were then very fortunate to have Dr Nema Dean from the University of Glasgow’s School of Mathematics and Statistics take us through statistical social network analysis. This packed week was then rounded off with an opportunity to speak to lecturers one on one and leave the course confident about the assessment.

Before the new academic year starts we will have the opportunity to share our progress at an event hosted at LIDA where we will be discussing our work though posters and group presentations. We’ll also be meeting the new cohort of students and their data partners. As we move into the second year and the focus of our time is directed more towards our Phd’s we look forward to working more closely with our own data partners and using the skills we’ve developed through our MSc modules.