CDAS student awarded best presentation at Nutrition Futures conference

Victoria Jenneson presented at Nutrition Society’s Nutrition Futures conference, for the student section of the society and received an award for the best presentation. Vicki gave a 3 minute lightening talk entitled “Systematic review of electronic sales data in population dietary surveillance”, outlining the purpose of the review and her findings on her PhD project so far.  The abstract for my work will be published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society.

Vicki said:  “I received some really lovely feedback from fellow students on how I told a story and engaged people in my research, so I’m really grateful for the presentation training we received earlier in the year from Simon Cain at Westbourne Consulting. The Nutrition Futures event concluded yesterday with talks on presentation skills, career planning, effective networking and a careers panel. I really enjoyed it and I hope to get more involved in Nutrition Society events in the future.”