Meet the Students

NameTitleLead SupervisorProject PartnerHost UniversityE-mail 
Abdur-Rahman RidwanCollaborative development of Smart phone Experience Sampling Methods and effective wellbeing place management interventions in Kings Cross LondonLesley-Anne CarterKings Cross Central
Alex PattersonApplying data analytics to comprehensive linked police recordsNathan HughesWest Midlands
Amir Emami
Mathematical modelling of the UN Sustainable Development GoalsViktoria Spaiser
Amy Jungmin SeoSmart Personalized Customer Services by Federated Machine Learning and Evidential ReasoningJian-Bo Yang Tech Valley
Ana NicoriciuPoverty, unpaid care, disability in the UKMark
Annabel WhippAgent-Based Modelling and Dynamic Data Assimilation for Modelling Urban DynamicsNick MallesonLeeds City
Ben GardnerModelling of passenger clearance at the UK Border (with Border Force)Gwilym Pryce Home
Brett Hull
Improving customers’ service of a transit bus system with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence
Sajid Siraj
First Group
Cameron WardUnderstanding the Energy Efficiency of the UK’s Housing Stock and forecasting how to meet national carbon reduction targetsCaitlin
Caroline TaitTowards data-driven policy development: the case of London’s built cycling infrastructureRoger
Cecile de BezenacAgent-based modelling for understanding individual mobility in citiesAlison Heppenstall
The Alan Turing
Christie ButcherThe characteristics and experiences of carers in the UK: trends and variations 2001-2021Sue Yeandle Carers
Cillian Berragan
Improving the Geolocation of Emergency Service Response through Big Data
Alex Singleton
Ordnance Survey
Danial OwenUrban sensors: exploiting the opportunitiesDani
David BarehamSupporting Complex Legal Decision Making through Data ScienceKatie AtkinsonTaylor
Deborah OlukanData assimilation for agent-based modelsJonathan
Eleanor BaleSocial Frontiers in Residential Segregation: A Data Analytics ApproachGwilym 
Eleanor MarfleetModelling the Diverse Implications of Autonomous Mobility at the City ScaleEd ManleyOrdnance
Elizabeth Osbourn
Advancing landscape visibility-mapping through data analytics
Lyudmila S Mihaylova
Ordnance Survey
Emily CouplandUnderstanding media use in an age of big dataHelen
Eran LivneDecarbonisation and Shared Mobility: The spatio-temporal analysis of Enterprise Holdings UK dataIan PhillipsEnterprise
Erica KaneExploring the Potential of Natural Language Processing Techniques in Criminal Justice Agencies: An Investigation of Racial Disparities in Release Decisions from the Parole BoardJose Pina-Sánchez Parole
Eugeni Vidal TortosaCycling equity and socioeconomic disadvantageRobin
Fran PontinIdentifying the activity and habits of individuals in a large geospatial datasetNik LomaxActive
Gladys KenyonHedonic pricing models based on Machine LearningDani
Harriet PatrickThe financial costs of unpaid care in geographical contextSue Yeandle
Harry OdellUnderstanding the construction of metropolitan areas through data analytics: the case of GMCANuno PintoGreater Manchester Combined
Inés FrancoisUsing data analytics to understand children’s food choice behaviourHannah
James Murphy
Using big data to design resilient coastal cities
Andy Plater
Marlan Maritime Technologies Ltd
Javiera LeemhuisCare and caring in geographical context: what difference does place make?Sue
Jennie GrayPredictive geodemographicsAlexis
Jennifer MurphyMeasuring and Evaluating the Impact Of DevolutionMark ElliotGreater Manchester Health and Social Care
Katie Weir Tackling Educational Inequality: A Data Analytics ApproachNathan HughesThames Valley Violence Reduction
Keiran SuchakPredictive Data Analytics for Urban DynamicsNick MallesonLeeds City
Krasen SamardzhievA Topological Data Analysis of Big Spatio-Temporal Urban DataDani Arribas-Bel
Laura Pemberton
Assisted by AI: Attitudes and Understanding Nikolay Mehandjiev
Lena KilianSpatial Energy FootprintsAnne
Luis Ross PerezIntegrating data and simulation towards a mobility services decision support systemNuno PintoTransport for Greater
Maria GalazoulaCan food purchase data inform us about food intake, food security and food sustainability?Janet CadeDietary Assessment
Maria Ibarra Gutierrez
Using data analytics to understand pension accumulation
Debora Price
Maryam AliAdvancing the Use of Administrative Data in Official StatisticsNatalie 
Matthew HowardRegional Inequity of Financial Vulnerabilities and Indebtedness over TimeFran Darlington PollockRegistry
Maya Middleton-WelchUnderstanding the Supply and Demand for Citizens AdviceMark GreenCitizens
Melanie GreenAutomating detailed urban data extraction from high resolution aerial imageryDani Arribas-Bel Ordnance
Mushtahid SalamPiloting digital approaches to evaluate population level change in wellbeing behavioursJames EvansBuro
Nastazja LaskowskiData anonymisation and data privacy for clinical trial dataMark
Natalie RoseWeather and the Impact on High Street RetailLes Dolega High Street
Nathan Khadaroo-Mccheyne
Citizen Data Science for Public Good
Reka Solymosi
Open Data Manchester CIC
Nikos PatiasScalable Analytical Framework for Spatio-temporal Data AnalysisFrancisco Rowe Ordnance
Noelyn OnahUsing data analytics to explore the connection and impact of social science and economics in the world of healthcareRichard Allmendinger International Burn Injury Database/NHS Medical Data Solutions and
Oliver BeatsonEvaluating the merits of Survey and Observational Data in National Election StudiesRachel
Olivia HorsefieldImproving estimates of the relative risk of night-time economy (NTE) violence by integrating new forms of dataCarly Lightowlers Merseyside 
Patrick BallantyneGlobal Retail Centres and their CompositionPaul
Peter Prescott
The Geodemographics of British Streets
Alex SingletonData Fusion Ltd
Rhiannon ThomasData Analytical Approach to Crime Prevention and Resource Allocation Nathan HughesSouth Yorkshire
Rhiannon Williams
Tackling Homelessness in the UK: A Data Analytics Approach
Gwilym Pryce
Ridda Ali
Whole systems approach to obesity
Mark Gilthorpe
Ron Bar-AdDigital twinning for urban evaluation: the cases of Belval and ManchesterNuno PintoLISER Luxembourg Institute of Social and Economic
Ruth BeresfordAlgorithmic bias: patterns, consequences and alternativesHelen
Ruth NevillePredicting demand for UK HE within the global HE marketAlex
Ryan UrquhartEnhancing network and location planning methods for grocery retail e-commerceAndy NewingMajor
Sedar OlmezCan machine learning techniques be adopted in agent-based models to aide in the development of better human decision-making?Alison HeppenstallThe Alan Turing
Shivani SickotraAdvancing Economic Development in Sheffield City Region: A Data Analytics ApproachGwilym PryceSheffield City
Sian TeesdaleThe urban analytics of “human weather” form and forecastAlex Singleton esri and
Susannah PhilpSensing Dynamic Retail EnvironmentsLes DolegaLocal Data
Tao WenData Analytics for Addressing Fake News and Deepfakes in Social NetworksYu-wang ChenFujitsu
Thomas CunninghamA spatial analysis approach to estimate child labour prevalence and determinantsNuno Pinto
Vicki JennesonEvaluation of consumer transactions as a source of dietary consumption informationMichelle MorrisMajor
Xitong DaiTo Eat or Not to Eat Meat: The role of social influence, identity and social network on individual’s dietary choiceJiaqie GieVegetarian