CDAS at GISRUK, Newcastle 2019

The centre was recently very well represented at the GISRUK conference – From Data to Decisions.  Presentations were given by several of our students and others also presented posters at the conference.

Annabel Whipp who is in her 2nd year at CDAS, was awarded one of only ten Early career researcher scholarships in order to pay for her attendance and then went on to win the best poster prize at the conference. Annabel’s poster which was based upon her work on spatio-temporal incidences of deliberate fire within West Yorkshire can be found as a digital copy here – Annabel Whipp GISRUK Poster



Nikos Patias – A Scalable Analytical Framework for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Neighbourhood Change: A Sequence Analysis Approach 

Jennie Gray – Exploring the Dynamics of Geodemographics 

Keiran Suchak – Data Assimilation for Agent-Based Modelling: An Implementation of the Ensemble Kalman Filter 

Sedar Olmez – Modelling the dynamics of police demand and resourcing over space and time

Lena Kilian – Understanding patterns of consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions in Bristol 

Annabel Whipp – Developing a methodology for validating pedestrian counts from Wi-Fi sensors to aid in quantifying the ambient population 



Annabel Whipp – Incidences of deliberate fire in West Yorkshire: Spatio-temporal patterns and influences on trends

Krasen Samardzhiev – Analyzing urban vitality patterns with topological data analysis

Melanie Green – Comparing the urban environment with socioeconomic characteristics using features extracted from aerial imagery

Ryan Urquhart – Socio-demographic and spatial disaggregation of E-commerce use in the grocery market in Great Britain