Available Projects

Citizen Data Science for Public Good

Lead supervisor: Reka Solymosi
Start Date: September 2019

Citizen science encompasses a range of scientific activities in which non-professional scientists voluntarily participate in data collection, analysis and dissemination of a scientific project. People whose skills and passions in scientific domains are not stimulated by their everyday jobs spend their spare time contributing to such projects, for example through classifying galaxies, monitoring biodiversity, or […]

CDAS Projects 2019

Lead supervisor:
Start Date: September 2019

Further projects will be added to this page over the coming weeks Please email datacdt@leeds.ac.uk if you wish to be notified when more projects are advertised.  

The role of AI in overcoming the value-action gap in sustainable consumption for mainstream consumers

Lead supervisor: Prof William Young
Start Date: September 2019

The majority of consumers say they care about sustainable/ethical issues, for example 94% saying they care about protecting the environment across Europe and UK. The number of shoppers translating this to ethical purchases in the UK has grown rapidly in the last decade. Consumers’ spending on ethical food and drinks has grown by 16% in […]

Advancing landscape visibility-mapping through data analytics

Lead supervisor: Lyudmila S Mihaylova
Start Date: September 2019

What you can see from your house or hospital bed or office can have huge implications for your quality of life. The visibility of green space and natural landscapes has been shown to enhance health and boost house prices. But line of sight may also provide important information for the spread of air pollutants, noise […]

Tackling Homelessness in the UK: A Data Analytics Approach

Lead supervisor: Gwilym Pryce
Start Date: September 2019

Six million households are denied a safe home or are at risk of losing their home. Nearly five thousand people sleep on the streets any given night. Ninety thousand households are stuck in unsuitable temporary accommodation. Shelter has ambitious plans to tackle the major challenges posed by the UK’s housing crisis. At the heart of […]

Data Analytics for Tax Justice

Lead supervisor: Andrew P Baker
Start Date: September 2019

The world of international tax is technically complex and politically charged. The growing availability of new datasets, both official and from major leaks, has provided powerful new avenues to challenge existing inequalities and to promote accountability. Working with the Tax Justice Network, the expert network established in 2003 which has led the fight against financial […]

Advancing the Use of Administrative Data in Official Statistics

Lead supervisor: Natalie Shlomo
Start Date: September 2019

The Administrative Data Research Programme led by Hannah Finselbach at the ONS have identified a series of tasks in a preliminary work plan to advance the use of administrative data in official statistics. Table 1 contains a summary of tasks based on the preliminary work plan. The final work plan will form the basis for […]

Using data analytics to understand pension accumulation

Lead supervisor: Debora Price
Start Date: September 2019

Recent government reforms have made provision of workplace pensions compulsory for almost all employees, including by micro-employers.  Although a new market has grown in this sector, a national scheme – NEST – is available to any employer wishing to use it. NEST is a trust-based scheme which now has over 7 million members, and it […]

Health-related behaviour and working conditions

Lead supervisor: Tarani Chandola
Start Date: September 2019

In collaboration with the insurance company Vitality, RAND Europe has been collecting data on health, health-related behaviour and working conditions from managers and employees in a number of UK workplaces since 2012 via the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey. Typically, around 200 to 300 workplaces and about 30,000 employees participate in the survey on an annual […]

Improving customers’ service of a transit bus system with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Lead supervisor: Sajid Siraj
Start Date: September 2019

In this research, the aim is to analyse the data related to a bus transit system and to extract patterns from these data, as well as anomalies. These patterns and anomalies will then be notified to the affected customers who would benefit from these notifications. The project will be conducted using CRISP-DM (cross-industry standard process […]

The Geodemographics of British Streets

Lead supervisor: Alex Singleton
Start Date: September 2019

This PhD will develop a method that creates a public geodemographic classification; that in addition to utilising the best of open data; couple these with other data sources and generate more timely and accurate measures of populations and their contexts. The project will develop innovative techniques that utilise street geometry in their specification, estimation and […]

Using big data to design resilient coastal cities

Lead supervisor: Andy Plater
Start Date: September 2019

Large datasets acquired using arrays of marine radar deployed in coastal locations are providing new insights on the response of coastal urban settings to factors that drive erosion and flood risk. Characterising coastal hinterlands using radar data reveals long-term, seasonal and event-based phenomena that support the design of resilient coastal communites in the future and […]

Improving the Geolocation of Emergency Service Response through Big Data

Lead supervisor: Alex Singleton
Start Date: September 2019

Emergency service requests for Ambulance, Fire or Police support often require making a geographical decision about where to send first responders. The clarity of information provided on calls can impact response time. This PhD will explore the potential for enhanced emergency service response utilising big data from addressing, semantic databases, gazetteers and the topological structure […]

Human Dynamics within an Urban and Regional Context

Lead supervisor: Alex Singleton (University of Liverpool)
Start Date: September 2019

The Liverpool City Region (LRC) Combined Authority is a large metropolitan region of the North West of England. Within this context this project will pursue an innovative data fusion methodology that will bring together multiple small area level data from within the city region, and combine with synthetic estimates to create the UKs most detail […]

Counting People

Lead supervisor: Dani Arribas-Bel (University of Liverpool)
Start Date: September 2019

This project would consider methods and data that develop an understanding of what drives footfall and activity in different areas of cities and towns. The broad idea in this context would be to extend the work HSE regularly does to create the National Population Database and integrate this with new forms of data such as […]

Whole systems approach to obesity

Lead supervisor: Prof Mark Gilthorpe
Start Date: September 2019

*please note that this programme is only available to Home and EU rated students* This project aims to create new knowledge and understanding about the drivers of obesity and engagement in weight management programmes. These factors need to be brought together within an integrated framework: the primary objective of this PhD is to use agent-based […]

Mathematical and Computational Modelling of World Data

Lead supervisor: Viktoria Spaiser (University of Leeds)
Start Date: October 2017

*please note that this project is only available to Home and EU rated students* There is increasingly cross-country-time-series data available on various economic, social, demographic, environmental, political and administrative indicators, provided by the UN (http://data.un.org/), World Bank API (https://goo.gl/UpL3t6), Human Rights Data project (http://www.humanrightsdata.com/), V-Dem project (https://www.v-dem.net/en/data/data-version-6-2/) etc. This rich data can be further supplemented […]