Deadline Extension for Several Projects

The Leeds application system has been down for maintenance, so we have extended some of our deadlines. The application form should be available again from the 19th June.

The application deadline for the following projects has been extended until 21st June 2023:


MN71: Sustainable Maritime Transportation Network considering Sulphur Fuel Regulation – Application of Advanced Machine Learning and Optimization

MN73: Reducing Environmental Risks in Mining Using Machine Learning and Data Fusion to Improve Tailings Analysis

MN74: Primary Care Patient Scheduling under Uncertainty


SH73: The Role of R&D and Innovation in Promoting Growth across Sectors, Firms and Regions

SH74: The Social Care Workforce in Wales


LE71: What can AI Language Models tell us about how textual information influences understanding of environmental issues?

LE72: Identifying causal links between net zero policy and behaviour