Using YouGov structured panel data to predict tweet content

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Mark Elliot, University of Manchester
Contact Email:
Partners: University of Manchester
External Partners: YouGov

Start Date: October 2017

The project would aim to use the linked Twitter accounts within the YouGov panel to build prediction models of tweet content. Understanding why people tweet certain content is a complex issue. Key research questions are:

Are tweets predicted attitudinal data, demographics, education and so on?

  • Do changes in any of this structured data produce changes in tweet content?
  • Is it possible to produce segments of the population which are correlated with particular types of sentiment.
  • Similarly is segment membership predicted by tweet content.

This project will aim to address a selection of these questions, possible honed down to focus on a particular type of tweet sentiment, or a particular topic domain.

Reference number MN03

Deadline for applications – 30th April 2017

Apply online here

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