Understanding the Digital Lives of Young People

Project reference: LV71

Application deadline: 28th February 2023

How to apply

This PhD programme will utilise the NOMINET Digital Youth Index, alongside datasets held by the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) and public data (e.g. Ofcom), to develop a rich description of the digital lives of young people in the UK.  At present work on digital technologies and young people tends to focus in two areas: safety and wellbeing online and role of digital in education. This project will take a much broader look at the social, economic, cultural and regional aspects and determinants of young people’s use of and experiences via digital media and systems.  The programme will include work to curate and link available data sets covering young peoples use of or experience of digital systems and media. The research will have a strong policy focus linking up with the policy and advocacy work of both NOMINET and the DMS Institute. The PhD programme will be run jointly by the CDRC and the Digital Media and Society Institute with support from NOMINET.  This will allow the Post-graduate Researcher to access both the data analytics expertise of the CDRC, Data Analytics & Society CDT and the DMS research programmes.  The DMS currently has projects covering Minimum Digital Living Standards, Data use in organisations, Disinformation online, Computational Social Science, and Digital Exclusion.  Training support will be provided by Data Analytics & Society CDT and the DMS Institute.