A topological data analysis of big spatio-temporal urban data

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Dani Arribas-Bel, University of Liverpool
Other Supervisors: Vitaly Kurlin (Computer Science), Alex Singleton (Geography)
Contact Email: alex.singleton@liverpool.ac.uk
Partners: University of Liverpool
External Partners: Carto

Start Date: October 2017

One challenge of working with big spatio-temporal data relates to the  extraction of information about the underlying structure from what can be dynamic and often highly dimensional data. Topological Data Analysis has been used within a range of applications to extract structure from data; in particular focusing on underlying structure from within large and complex datasets. This project will explore the applicability of this method within the context of urban data, and with focus on extension around temporally referenced spatial data.

Reference number LV06

Deadline for applications – 30th April 2017

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