The characteristics and experiences of carers in the UK: trends and variations 2001-2021

Working in partnership with Carers UK, you will apply cutting-edge quantitative techniques to explore the characteristics and experiences of carers. Using Census of Population data (2001, 2011, 2021) and Carers UK’s own data from its annual ‘State of Caring’ surveys, you will explore changes over time and how living in different places and types of household shapes experiences and outcomes of caring. Your analyses will deepen understanding of the circumstances and experiences of carers and how these change over time.

Asking ‘How have the characteristics of carers changed during the first two decades of the 21st Century?’, you will collaborate with Carers UK’s Policy & Public Affairs team to present new data analyses, inform critical policy debates and deepen public understanding of the role of caring in society.

Based in leading research centre on social care CIRCLE, you will benefit from a multidisciplinary supervision team and close collaboration with charity Carers UK, joining other research students analysing data on the UK’s adult social care systems and landscape, with opportunities to work with the Office for National Statistics and other partners.

Project reference: SH43

Application deadline: 14th April