Advancing landscape visibility-mapping through data analytics

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Lead Supervisor: Lyudmila S Mihaylova
Other Supervisors: Gwilym Pryce
Contact Email:
Partners: University of Sheffield
External Partners: Ordnance Survey

Start Date: September 2019

What you can see from your house or hospital bed or office can have huge implications for your quality of life. The visibility of green space and natural landscapes has been shown to enhance health and boost house prices. But line of sight may also provide important information for the spread of air pollutants, noise and other important factors that affect human wellbeing, planning decisions, and economic outcomes. This PhD offers and exciting opportunity to work with Ordnance Survey, one of the leading providers of geographic data, to push back the boundaries of mapping technology through the application of data analytics, line-of-site modelling and information synthesis.

Deadline 7th April 2019

Reference number SH33

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