Tackling Homelessness in the UK: A Data Analytics Approach

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Gwilym Pryce
Contact Email: g.pryce@sheffield.ac.uk
Partners: University of Sheffield
External Partners: Shelter

Start Date: September 2019

Six million households are denied a safe home or are at risk of losing their home. Nearly five thousand people sleep on the streets any given night. Ninety thousand households are stuck in unsuitable temporary accommodation. Shelter has ambitious plans to tackle the major challenges posed by the UK’s housing crisis. At the heart of this is the need to understand the needs of people facing these issues, how we can reach them and how we can best help them navigate the crisis. This PhD will focus predominantly on our digital services but will involve looking holistically across all the client services we offer. The project will help us build robust research methodologies, create data we can use to determine priorities and create ways to test and learn iteratively from what we deliver. The fully funded 4-year PhD programme incorporates an MSc in Data Analytics and Society and provides an excellent opportunity to develop advanced skills in research methods, data analysis and critical thinking, while carrying out research on real-world challenges in collaboration with one of the UK’s leading housing charities.

Deadline 7th April 2019

Reference number SH31

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