Visualizing, Exploiting and Experiencing Global Data on Children’s Media Use

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Prof Helen Kennedy (University of Sheffield)
Other Supervisors: Dr Mark Taylor (University of Sheffield)
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Partners: University of Sheffield
External Partners: Dubit Ltd

Start Date: October 2018

External partner Dubit, a strategy, research and development company focused on digital media and content for children, produces unique reports on children’s global media usage through its ‘Dubit Trends’ media tracker. This is a large-scale survey that looks at how children around the world are using a range of media and content.

This PhD project will explore innovative ways in which insights from this data can be extended, maximised and exploited by a range of client end-users, to inform the marketing and wider strategy of their brand and content development, and also by customer end-users (i.e. children), so that all end-users can experience the data in ways that are meaningful and useful to them.

The project will focus on a) how this can be done across a range of modes and media, such as visualisation, projection mapping and virtual reality; b) the limits and limitations of these modes and media and of the data themselves; and c) how to address these limitations. The project will result in novel ways to make use of and engage with media audience data.

Reference number SH22

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