Pet Ownership and Health

Project reference: LV72

Application deadline: 4th July 2023

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*This opportunity is only open to Home rated applicants (UK citizens or those with indefinite leave to remain in the UK)*

During the pandemic rates of pet ownership grew significantly, enlarging the total number of pet owners and diversifying their characteristics. As a result, and across both consumer and health channels, there have been a range of changes to pet owner behaviour that have impacted the types and breeds favoured, consumer preferences for products or services and health related decisions that can impact animal health. This rapidly evolving and expanded ownership has created a range of challenges for consumer and health professionals to best meet market needs and ensure provision of the best environment for animal health. This project will integrate consumer data from Pets at Home, the largest pet retailer in the UK alongside data from the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET), which is an initiative from the University of Liverpool. A geodemographic model will be developed as part of this research that provides new insight into the diversity and geography of pet ownership and health.