Improving estimates of the relative risk of night-time economy (NTE) violence by integrating new forms of data

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Lead Supervisor: Dr Carly Lightowlers (University of Liverpool)
Other Supervisors: Dr Mark Green
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Partners: University of Liverpool
External Partners: Merseyside Police

Start Date: October 2018

Violence in the night-time economy (NTE) remains a key challenge for policing. To date, accurate estimates of the relative risk of violence in town and city centres have been limited due to insufficient reliable information on the transient population in these areas. Moreover, attempts to leverage quantitative methods to better understand the such violence (often fuelled by alcohol and occurring in and around licensed premises) have been hampered by due to difficulties in accounting for heterogeneity in the characteristics of licensed premises.

This project will concern itself of harnessing the potential of police data in combination with novel and emerging forms of open data to produce new methodologies for understanding this complex phenomenon and generating real time estimates of the relative risk of violence in and around licensed premises.

The insights obtained will offer valuable methodological learning in relation to crime statistics and relative risk estimation, academic insights into the heterogeneity in drinking practices and their association with violence, as well as practical policy insights into how features of the NTE can be modified and resources deployed to ameliorate alcohol-related violence.

Reference number LV24

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