The urban analytics of “human weather” form and forecast

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Lead Supervisor: Alex Singleton (University of Liverpool)
Other Supervisors: Dani Arribas-Bel
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Partners: University of Liverpool
External Partners: HERE Technologies and ESRI

Start Date: October 2018

Deadline extended to the 3rd June

Characteristics of the form, function and dynamics of cities are increasingly captured by an array of big data. When supplemented with emerging geographic data science methodologies, these data sources can provide new lenses through which an urban analysts can study the complexity of cities. The concept of human weather focuses on  those high-volume data streams that are generated about human activity; captured both through growing urban sensor networks such as those provided by the internet of things, or from other more mobile and human centred computer interactions that might include data generated by mobile apps. The combination of data streams provides a rich resource upon which insight can be generate, however, the methods, theoretical frameworks and pathways that translate such insights into practice remain under developed. In a PhD co-sponsored by two of worlds largest supplier of geographic Information systems, service and data; you will be uniquely position to advance this new science of cities.

Reference number LV23

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