Urban sensors: exploiting the opportunities

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Dani Arribas-Bel (University of Liverpool)
Contact Email: D.Arribas-Bel@liverpool.ac.uk
Partners: University of Liverpool
External Partners: Idom

Start Date: October 2018

This project will leverage recent advances on the collection and processing of data obtained through citizen sensing from a variety of sources and explore their usefulness to understand cities. These sources include the Internet of things (IoT) systems such as wearables (wireless devices that can be carried on by human body) carried by individuals, as well as other devices currently deployed in apartments, bicycles, dogs’ collars, etc. The project will explore methods, techniques, and contexts that enhance the use of these sources to better understand how cities work as well as what are the processes that underpin human urban activities.

Reference number LV22b

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