Whole systems approach to obesity

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Prof Mark Gilthorpe
Other Supervisors: Dr Andrew Prestwich, Prof Alison Heppenstall
Contact Email: M.S.Gilthorpe@leeds.ac.uk
Partners: University of Leeds
External Partners: MoreLife

Start Date: September 2019

*please note that this programme is only available to Home and EU rated students*

This project aims to create new knowledge and understanding about the drivers of obesity and engagement in weight management programmes. These factors need to be brought together within an integrated framework: the primary objective of this PhD is to use agent-based modelling to simulate environmental, behavioural, economic and social determinants of obesity and engagement in weight management programmes, at the local level. The methodological approach (agent based modelling) will inform policies to affect change from a whole systems perspective. Understanding the complex and interacting systems that result in an obesogenic environment is the necessary start, hopefully leading to the adoption of a whole system approach to address obesity at the local level. This will be the first UK based study to investigate the quantitative relationships as part of a wider ‘system’, with a whole system approach driving its development. While this undoubtedly contributes to the originality of this project and will be of great interest to academic audiences with an interest in data analytics and methods, it is essential that the outputs move beyond academic dissemination and maximise knowledge transfer and knowledge translation with relevant end users and key stakeholders. The networks and experience of the research team and stakeholders demonstrates our awareness and commitment to delivering wider impact at the local level.

Deadline 30th April 2019

Reference number LE33

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