Can Food Purchase Data Inform us about Food Intake, Food Security and Food Sustainability?

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Prof Janet Cade (University of Leeds)
Other Supervisors: Dr Darren Greenwood, Prof Claire Hulme
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Partners: University of Leeds
External Partners: Dietary Assessment Ltd

Start Date: October 2018

This project will explore the potential for linking food purchase data with food intake measures and health data.

Poor dietary habits place major health, social and economic burdens on societies. In addition to direct relationships between the nutritional quality of the diet and health; we also plan to explore associations with environmental sustainability. This project will have implications for both health and food security strategies. It aims to demonstrate that linkage between food purchases, food intake and health data is possible.

Through developing and applying skills in data analytics, you will explore links between costs of food purchases and diet quality and develop and pilot an approach to link food intake with purchases in relation to food security and diet sustainability.

Reference number LE21

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