Evaluation of consumer transactions as a source of dietary consumption information

Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Michelle Morris, University of Leeds
Other Supervisors: Darren Greenwood (Epidemiology and Biostatistics), Graham Clarke (School of Geography)
Contact Email: m.morris@leeds.ac.uk
Partners: University of Leeds

Start Date: October 2017

This project will compare a method of self-reported dietary assessment, which is often subject to reporting bias, with an arguably objective measure of food purchasing records from consumer transactions on store loyalty cards.

There will be a strong methodological focus to the project using the two data sources to better understand patterns in dietary behaviours and assessing how well the two data sources agree in different subgroups of the population. There will be a primary data collection component which will involve recruiting a group of participants to complete multiple 24h dietary recalls to allow us to compare this measure of habitual diet, with one derived from their loyalty card transactions. Diet data will be collected using the new 24h online tool, myfood24.

Reference number LE04

Deadline for applications – 30th April 2017

Apply online here

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