Decarbonisation and Shared Mobility: The spatio-temporal analysis of Enterprise Holdings UK data

The UK transport sector is the largest CO2 emitting sector of the UK economy and car travel is a significant component of those emissions.  Transport shows no clear path towards decarbonisation. At present there are a great many households and individuals who need or want access to a car on occasion but not all the time. There is evidence that car sharing (including car clubs and car rental), can contribute to decreased car dependence and transport decarbonisation. Because it uses existing technology, it could help to begin the rapid decarbonisation of car use that is required this decade. Sharing, offers a cost-effective, socially progressive and implementable set of options to cut carbon.

In this highly policy relevant and timely PhD studentship, there is considerable scope to apply and develop cutting-edge analytics techniques drawn from data science fields as well as the potential to make methodological contributions and to carry out applied spatial analysis to inform policy and practice.

This studentship is in partnership with Enterprise Holdings, who are involved in both Car Club and traditional car rental businesses. They are also involved in exploring the synergies between transport modes for example through ‘mobility hubs’ and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

The supervisors are based at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. Ian’s expertise includes spatial data science for equitable transport decarbonisation, Greg is professor of transport governance and he leads major research projects on transport decarbonisation.


Project reference: LE51

Application deadline: 9th April