Projects now available at the University of Sheffield

Four new CDAS projects are now open for applications based at the University of Sheffield for the second cohort of students. Projects will also be advertised for the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester over the next couple of weeks.

Sheffield projects range from looking at new ways to work with large volumes of police data to improve crime prevention, to exploring the use of digital media by children.

We are looking for graduates from a wide range of backgrounds with interests in how data can be used to address social science questions using statistical or predictive techniques. You will work with a multi-disciplinary team of supervisors as well as having the opportunity to work with external partners on real life problems.

The programme is an integrated one (+4), where you will undertake an MSc in Data Analytics over the first two years which will provide you with the foundation skills to complete
your research project.

Sheffield projects:

Assessing the Cost of Road Traffic Casualties

Visualizing, Exploiting and Experiencing Global Data on Children’s Media Use 

Applying Data Analytics to Comprehensive Linked Police Records 

The Effect of Traffic Flow and Vehicle Speeds as a Determinant of Road Risk

Modelling of Passenger Clearance at the UK Border (with Border Force)


Please contact us with any questions

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