This is an exciting opportunity to undertake a 4-year funded integrated PhD and MSc in Data Analytics and Society.

The programme includes an integrated MSc in Data Analytics over the first two years which will provide you with the foundation skills to complete your research project, modules include:

Core research training (Credits: 30).

Content: Methodology, Research Design, Ethics Quantitative & qualitative approaches.
The grounding in social science research methods includes elements of epistemology, qualitative research and critical theory as well as quantitative methods.

Domain skills for Data Science (Credits: 60).

This training is delivered through four 15 credit modules in a ‘short and fat’ format at regular intervals within Year One. Each partner hosts one module as follows:

  • Programming for Social Sciences  – University of Leeds
  • Analysis of Human Dynamics – University of Liverpool
  • Understanding Data and its Environment – University of Manchester
  • Social Analytics & Visualisation  – University of Sheffield

Internship (Credits: 15). Content: A portfolio to be developed in collaboration with a non-academic partner

Students will work with one of the non-academic partners, which may be their long-term PhD sponsor but would not necessarily be this organisation. It will involve a piece of data analysis which has been agreed between the Centre and the non-academic partner

Research project (Credits: 30)

Students will undertake a short dissertation.

Advanced skills (Credits: 45).

A wide variety of elective modules will be available to students which will be chosen to support their PhD project.

Part time options are also available, please get in touch to discuss

If you are interested in applying, please take a look through our available projects