University of Leeds

Colin Caine New methods of space-time data analysis to operationalise passively collected transport data on the route network

Maria Galazoula Can food purchase data inform us about food intake, food security and food sustainability?

Jennie Gray Predictive geodemographics

Victoria Jenneson Evaluation of consumer transactions as a source of dietary consumption information

Lena Kilian Spatial Energy Footprints

Sedar Olmez Understanding the inner-workings of city-level agent-based models

Deborah Olukan Data assimilation for agent-based models

Francesca Pontin Identifying the activity and habits of individuals in a large geospatial dataset

Keiran Suchak Agent-Based Modelling and Dynamic Data Assimilation for Modelling Urban Dynamics

Caroline Tait Towards data-driven policy development: the case of London’s built cycling infrastructure

Eugeni Vidal-Tortosa The social and geographical correlates of transport modal split: identifying choice and (potential for) change

Ryan Urquhart Incorporating e-commerce (home deliver and ‘click and collect’) in grocery sector retail location modelling

Annabel Whipp Predictive Data Analytics for Urban Dynamics

University of Liverpool

Patrick Ballantyne Global Retail Centres and their Composition

Celine Chalupa Using large data sets of planning applications to understand neighbourhood change

Melanie Green Automating detailed urban data extraction from high resolution aerial imagery

Olivia Horsefield Improving estimates of the relative risk of night-time economy (NTE) violence by integrating new forms of data

Danial Owen Urban sensors: exploiting the opportunities

Nikos Patias Scalable Analytical Framework for Spatio-temporal Data Analysis

Susannah Philp Sensing Dynamic Retail Environments

Natalie Rose Weather and the Impact on High Street Retail

Krasen Samardzhiev A Topological Data Analysis of Big Spatio-Temporal Urban Data

Chloe Steele Data Fusion and a 2021 Global Census

Sian Teesdale The urban analytics of “human weather” form and forecast

University of Manchester

Oliver Beatson Evaluating the merits of Survey and Observational Data in National Election Studies

Louise Kelly An automated data analytics platform for forensic testing

Jennifer Murphy Measuring and Evaluating the Impact Of Devolution

Chris Newton Does cognitive dissonance predict cross-domain belief consistency and online sharing of vegetarian dietary choices?

Ana Maria Nicoriciu Data anonymisation and data privacy for clinical trial data

Harry Odell Understanding the construction of metropolitan areas through data analytics: the case of GMCA

Noelyn Onah Using data analytics to explore the connection and impact of social science and economics in the world of healthcare

Luis Ross Perez Integrating data and simulation towards a mobility services decision support system

University of Sheffield

Ruth Beresford Algorithmic bias: patterns, consequences and alternatives

Emily Coupland Understanding media use in an age of big data

Ben Gardner Modelling of passenger clearance at the UK Border (with Border Force)

Gioia Iacopini Strategic Role of Data Analytics in Commercial Marketing

Alex Patterson Applying data analytics to comprehensive linked police records

Brian Peach The Effect of Traffic Flow and Vehicle Speeds as a Determinant of Road Risk

Rhiannon Thomas Data Analytical Approach to Crime Prevention and Resource Allocation