Information and forms for current students

Please visit the following links for relevant forms, guidance and the latest version of the CDAS handbook:

View student CDT handbook (updated Jan 2021)

Download Budget pro-forma – please complete at the beginning of your programme and update annually

Download Internship placement plan- please complete once you know details of your internship module activity.

Forms for expenses approval and claims

Research Training Support Grant

The Research Training Support Grant approval form must be completed in advance of any purchases, please read the guide before completing the form.

Download RTSG approval form

Expenses forms

Once your claim is approved you will then need to complete an expenses claim form in order to be reimbursed. Expenses forms must be sent to within five weeks of making your purchase. You can send multiple forms per claim if expenditure isn’t all completed at the same time.  

Please use a UKTS form for travel and subsistence within the UK, an OSTS form for travel that includes international travel* and an AP form for items such as books or other consumables. If you’re unsure how to fill out these forms please use the guides below (take note of the comments included). 

Download AP form guide

Download UKTS and OSTS guide

Download Authority for Payment form

Download UKTS Expense form

*International travel is currently not permitted as part of university study due to coronavirus.

Widening Participation Fund

Funding to cover additional costs over and above the expected cost of living, for example costs relating to caring responsibilities and unexpected expenses.

Examples might be:

  • childcare costs for block modules and conferences
  • additional transport or accommodation costs required due to disabilities

Download Widening Participation (WP) fund form

Overseas Fieldwork Fund

Overseas fieldwork is not currently permitted due to coronavirus.

Funding for fieldwork taking place overseas.

Once your claim is approved you will then need to complete an expenses claim form in order to be reimbursed, there should be copies in your office or from Leeds.  Please use an OSTS form for travel that includes international travel. These can be obtained in paper form from your PhD office or contact for further copies.

Download Overseas Fieldwork (OSFW) form

Overseas Institutional Visit Fund

Overseas institutional visits are not currently permitted due to coronavirus.

CDAS students can apply for additional funding, and a funded studentship extension, to undertake an Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV).

This additional funding provides you with the opportunity to go to overseas universities or esteemed research organisations to:

  • Establish research networks
  • Disseminate early research findings
  • Participate in seminars and other academic activities that are directly relevant to your research
  • Undertake specialist research training that is not available within the UK.

OIVs should not take place during the first year of the CDAS programme, and any OIVs taking place in the final year of the studentship must be completed at least three months prior to the original end date of the studentship.

Download Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV) Guidance

Download Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV) Form

Contact us

If you have any queries concerning your studentship payments or other institution-specific queries, your first point of contact for queries on these matters should be the relevant Institutional Administrative Contact:

For general CDAS enquires please email