Welcome to our update, from the University of Liverpool’s second cohort of the CDT in Data Analytics and Society course. We are a part of the Geographic Data Science Lab  at the Department of Geography and Planning, our cohort consists of five students: Sian, Danial, Patrick, Olivia and Chloe. Sian is working with both ESRI and HERE, using geo-referenced sensor data to analyse form and forecasts of human weather. Danial is working with IDOM, exploring new opportunities with urban sensor data from smart city projects. Both Patrick and Chloe are working with GEOLYTIX; Patrick is investigating global retail centres whilst Chloe is working on data fusion for future census data. Olivia is working alongside the Merseyside Police, improving the estimates of alcohol-related violence in the night-time economy.

We have now successfully completed (and survived) our first semester of the integrated Masters and PhD! The modules during our first semester have helped to develop our coding skills through statistical analysis of the 2011 Census Data and creating Agent-Based Models (which can be found on our respective websites and GitHub pages. Whilst other modules in the first semester have enhanced our understanding of the qualitative aspects within geography.

Two weeks ago, we welcomed the rest of our cohort from the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield to partake in a short Python module: ‘Analysis of Human Dynamics’ by Dr Kush Thakar. The module taught us how to do data manipulation, visualising data, working with APIs, implementing supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, and data modelling, all within Jupyter Notebook. These new skills will be utilised in our assignment in which we will explore and analyse our own datasets that are relevant to our PhD projects.

Within this new semester, we are all looking forward to doing our internships with our sponsors. Our internships will see us out of the office and around Europe, with our sponsor locations being in Liverpool, London, the Netherlands and Spain. The internships will be taking place over a two-week period and we will be presenting and writing up about our projects once we return. Alongside doing our internship, we will be taking another module called ‘Spatial Analysis’, which will be teaching us how to explore geographic data using the R programming language.

We have a busy semester ahead of us, however, we are looking forward to being reunited with our DataCDT cohort when we do our third joint module at the University of Manchester in the Easter holidays!

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